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About Us

Meta IT is a technology and innovation company dedicated to digital transformation (DX). From crafting digital strategies to delivering comprehensive technological solutions, we approach every project with a human-centered perspective.
With 34 years of experience, our global presence extends to over 300 clients across 8 countries. We boast a team of 3,000 professionals spanning 350 cities and 14 countries.

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Engage in challenging projects for prominent clients


Collaborate with industry-leading experts


Join a multicultural and international team


Rapidly grow within your area

Agilize and Adapt

Contribute actively to our ongoing development

Join Chapters

Participate in in-house specialized tech groups

Strong Reputation

Work with a company renowned for its credibility

Receive support

Benefit from close leadership support


Engage dynamically and collaborate effectively

We're a Team of 3,000

Our purpose

Fostering human growth through technology.

At Meta IT, we view every business challenge as an opportunity for personal and collective growth. We believe that our company only thrives when our people do too.


Our essence

Meta IT has been at the forefront of digital innovation from the start, reinventing itself daily. We are pioneers in a new era of digital evolution.

Being digital means reimagining business processes to be fully online and automated, enhancing end-user interaction and internal operations. It is about allowing people to focus on the strategy, on the business.

Being simple is having a clear, objective, and didactic posture, as well as empathy to build bridges, using it as a tool to propose solutions. In other words, it is having the ability to understand and feel how other people feel, including their painful points. It means being capable to talk about Digital Transformation, technology, and innovation concepts to everyone, from experts to beginners. 

Being human is being able to feel. It is to understand that our nature also has flaws. Unlike machines or systems, we can imagine the future with creativity to materialize the invisible. In every employee, and behind every customer too, there are real people with whom you can create deep relationships of partnership and mutual growth. People are in the center of everything Meta IT does.



Extended health insurance

Extended life insurance

Extended dental plan

Mental health support

Paid vacations


At Meta IT, we are committed to human growth through technology, fostering connections and inclusivity through various initiatives:

  • Meta Plural
    Promotes multiculturalism and recognizing the uniqueness of every #MetaTeam member.
  • Meta League
    Accelerates career transitions through practical training in diverse technology projects.
  • Women In Tech
    Supports women in technology through initiatives like The Next Gen program, investing in startups led by women.

  • Women in leadership
    Fosters gender diversity in leadership positions, with 45% female representation in our executive committee and continuously growing female leadership.

  • Meta League
    We invest in training people in career transition! First, they study; then, they are inserted in different technology projects.

  • Training Program for People with Disabilities
    Supports technology training programs for our team members with disabilities.

  • Culture
    Supports youth in music and high-performance endeavors through initiatives like the Recanto Maestro Youth Orchestra.

  • Sports
    Sponsors athletes like the Brazilian duo Tiago Quevedo and Breno Kraupp, who achieved 4th place in the World Junior Sailing Competition in 2022.

Meta Ventures


In 2020, Meta Ventures was established to orchestrate an Innovation Ecosystem, connecting startups, investors, companies, partners, universities, research labs, and society. We've invested in six startups, totaling over R$6 million (1.6 million CAD) in the first two years, promoting SaaS businesses. Additionally, we integrate these startups' services, expanding our portfolio and offering specialized solutions, often becoming their own customers.


Glassdoor rating of 4.0 

Certified as a Great Place to Work® (GPTW®) for three consecutive years  

Ranked among Brazil's fastest-growing IT companies for three consecutive years in the Anuário de Informática Hoje (Brazilian IT sector yearbook)


Beatriz Rignel

Sales Executive

📍 ST JACOBS, ONTARIO - CA I had the pleasure of joining meta it in the very beginning, and i can assure you it's been one of the most rewarding experiences i have already had. Here, we have the chance of building an operation from the very scratch, in a new country, with absolute no previous references. Today, 2022, after almost 3 years from our launch, we were able to achieve over 30 customers, having almost 100 people working with us, from all over the world. At Meta it our voices are heard every single day, our suggestions and contributions are put in place, and we have the opportunity to work with amazing and knowledgeable people. Meta it, it's been a huge pleasure!

Isabele Bisognin

Scrum Master

📍 BRAZIL I have been working at Meta IT since January 2019. Its constant and impressive growth and the care for the people who work here has been essential and genuine. Meta is a company that really cares about the essence of its employees, it believes and invests in their potential. Working here is synonymous of opportunity and development. We live the company's values in practice and work as a team to deliver a unique experience to the client. Here everyone is welcome!

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